Tools and 100% Natural Solutions for Treating ACNE

Ioana - Adina Oancea

Are you struggling with acne? Subscribe for the Careless Beauty Webinar: Tools and 100% solutions for treating ACNE – ZOOM WEBINAR, 21st of March, 3 PM.


Together with ELENA OANCEA, chemist-esthetician & founder of Careless Beauty Romania, we will guide you, step by step, into a novel #SkinCareRitualatHome, using only 100% natural dermato-cosmetics. If you struggle with acne, here is the place to learn how you can easily treat this skin disorder yourself, while sitting home.

Join me and my mother on the 21st of March and learn how to heal & treat your skin. You will discover that ACNE can be healed with 100% natural dermato-cosmetic products obtained only from Romanian plant species. It is very important to use the proper technique for best results while doing this #SkinCareRitualatHome.


What you will learn during this webinar?


Subscribe for Tools and 100% natural solutions for treating ACNE and you will learn how to recognise each type of acne and what are the Careless Beauty natural solutions for each type. Both Careless Beauty products and therapies are patented and represent our result after decades of scientific research. The Careless Beauty dermato-cosmetics are notified according to EU legislation, are 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan. Our brand develops the scientific research in our own laboratory or in collaboration with other labs and all the work is been coordinated by me and my mother.


What you will receive after this webinar?


At the end of this webinar, each person will receive a Personalised Guide with precise using instructions of each product, on days and weeks, and 1 anti-acne dermato-cosmetic product for FREE.

Fee to participate: 210 Ron. Please subscribe here. Happy to meet you SOON on ZOOM!

With Love,

Dr. Ioana – Adina Oancea