Physical and Spiritual Regeneration – a few words from my book

Dr. Pharm. Ioana - Adina Oancea
Dr. Pharm. Ioana - Adina Oancea

”Regeneration” – Dr. Pharm. Ioana Adina Oancea

The body regenerates every 28-30 days. There is a complex process that occurs naturally in the human body helping in the development of our metabolism and keeping each organ in motion. It is a vital maintenance that occurs every month so we can breathe, eat, walk and think at our best. If you wonder how come this process goes on since birth and until the day we die, well, nature has designed us like this and she did an excellent job. Just like everything that she has been creating since the early ages, the human body has been shaped close to perfection in every way. The physical process of regeneration requires millions of cells with precise “know-how” on duty, every day, 24/24, even when we go to sleep. The interesting thing is that we don’t even realize and think of this process most of the time but that doesn’t mean it is not happening inside us. We sometimes become fully aware of it only when our body is hurt.


Let’s take the example of burned skin. I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced this kind of wound at some point. First, the brain gets the info and you either scream or suddenly push yourself away from the danger. This is the brain pulling the alarm for self protection. Secondly, you feel the pain. This is due to the tiny pain receptors in your skin which form one end of a nerve cell further connected by axons to the spinal cord. The electrical signal created by the pain receptors goes all the way up the nerve fiber which is bundled with many other fibers forming a peripheral nerve. This allows the electric signal to pass up the neuron and reach your spinal cord in the neck. It is from here that the signal is triggered to all the other neurons through synapses which are holding the message and reach the brain. Once in the brain, the signal reaches the thalamus and this is one part of the brain that knows exactly who to call for help. Can be either your cortex, responsible for physical sensation, or the limbic system linked to emotions. When the brain does his job, another part of your body gets in. This is the moment when your metabolism pulls up another alarm to protect the wounded area. That is when the lymphatic system seals the area covering it with lymph. After 24-48 hours a crust is formed to seal it even more to protect the tissue from possible infection. When the area is secured, fibroblasts and keratinocytes cells start renewing your skin tissue.


This is just a short review to imagine how lucky we are to be in our physical body. But what happens when our spiritual body has been hurt? What can regenerate a ‘wounded heart’? Please know that even when you feel your soul is hurting, we are designed to go through a similar process of healing for this too. The difference is that this kind of healing happens on a different level, using other elements and different timing. There are only 2 things that can deeply hurt and close one’s heart: lack of self-love and lack of shared love. The only problem is that you can’t heal this problem of the heart in 48-72 hours and there are no pharmaceutical formulas that can do the work. This work is in the power of our spirit. Self-love – this it is something to be learned and practiced to the very end of our lives. Shared love, on the other hand, comes from different people around us: our family, friends, your wife or husband and, as true as it can be, it is a divine manifestation with deep roots in self-love. What you feel within and towards yourself will determine the quality of love you attract from people around. Remember the wound on the skin healed by all the mechanisms of our physical body? Likewise, a wounded heart can be healed. One single vital element holds the power: love. The more you hurt, the more your heart closes and starts developing layers of “crust” until it is completely sealed. It`s a self-defense response and can go on the long term. At some point, feelings vanish and, step by step, nothing moves you anymore. Later on, you can’t even cry anymore. We are not meant to live like this. We should never let the moments of hurt define our true self. Life is showing us that this might happen because it is part of our journey here on Earth. Even if a closed heart brings in very uncomfortable situations, it is from this place of total madness that we can truly bloom, become better versions of ourselves and attract people with higher vibration capable of sharing pure love. As pure light can disintegrate darkness, pure love has the power to set your heart free. It is a process that can take days, months, maybe years. Shared love will simply touch you when the time is right for you to be able to discern and feel you are able to receive it. You can start by loving yourself more and more, by accepting the wonderful being that you are, by channeling your gifts and everything that completes the puzzle of your soul, body & spirit.

I hope you enjoyed this few words from ”Regeneration”. The book will be released in 2022, in English.