Nature is very hard to copy in a lab. We created Careless Beauty so as to reveal the beauty of nature and its benefits for the skin. However complicated or complex it may be, nature will always give us the cure. Getting it is a matter of skill, passion and patience. Careless Beauty means all that. The passion for beauty and the search for purity and authenticity in skin care are our motivation on this path we engaged on. Ever since the beginning, we made an ambitious bet: to manufacture organic products that are perfect for our skin: 0% synthetic chemicals, especially conservatives.


Organic cosmetics means pure and natural skincare based only on botanical products packed with active principles and usually with a strong antioxidant effect on the skin and body. Nature is very hard to copy in a lab. There may be hundreds of chemical compounds in just one single plant species, which are biologically active and easily recognized by our body. A synthetic product will not be so quickly accepted by the skin or, in many cases, will not be accepted at all. The major advantage of the Romanian plant extracts that we use in the formulations of Careless Beauty products is their high penetrability, as they are quickly recognized by our body. Their very diverse chemical formulations are packed with active principles. The antioxidant effect of botanical extracts leads to epidermal cell renewal. Thus any form of acne, dermatitis or skin irritation can be cured without any allopathic treatment, by the simple daily external application of our products, following the advice of Careless Beauty experts.



With over 2 decades of experience in skin aesthetics, we provide all natural alternatives for healthy skin trough through Careless Beauty branded cosmetics and facial treatments. We chose to work with over 40 species of Romanian plants with confirmed potential in treating dermatological disorders and restoring skin balance. Each cosmetic product is based on custom made combinations of extracts of over 10 species of plants, carefully harvested from our own crops, manually processed and closely supervised during maceration. The formulations of plant extracts are developed by our specialists, Elena Oancea, a chemist and esthetician who founded the company, and Ioana Adina Oancea, a pharmacist and esthetician. This mother and daughter have been working together and studying the botanical universe since childhood, thus continuing a 2-generation family tradition. They believe that “Nature provides us with an infinite choice of care for all types of skin. We are here to reveal part of it”.



Careless Beauty also provides organic spa treatments that aim for the same natural perfection: no machines, an almost countryside-like environment that brings people close to real nature. The steaming phase is done with the help of a bowl filled with plants and hot water thus creating a highly concentrated infusion that will open pores, improve respiratory tract condition and prepare skin for extractions. An organic facial treatment lasts approximately 2 hours and includes make-up removal, steaming, extractions, scrubbing (according to skin type), facial massage done manually and a regenerating mask (according to skin type).


Organic cosmetics means coming back to nature, to beauty recipes inherited from our grandmothers, to traditions.

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