To those who embark on CHEMISTRY studies

Back to school!

Honestly, it hasn’t been so long since I got my PhD diploma so I still feel like I am also in school. Or I will maybe always feel like this as each new day teaches us something new skill. For me, one day = one new possibility to learn something new. I was thinking about Chemistry today and about everything it brought to my life and I wrote down many conclusions. I will talk about that here. First of all, let me say this: if you feel uncomfortable just pronouncing this word – chemistry – well it’s a good thing! Chemistry is an uncomfortable subject for many people and has been uncomfortable to me too, although I have been studying it all my life and still am. I went to a high school with an intensive 4-year chemistry and biology programme, then to the Pharmacy Faculty (5 years), then I got a master’s degree in chemistry (2 years) and finally a PhD (4 years) also in chemistry. More or less 15 years full of chemistry?! Once I finished my PhD, my father insisted that I should maybe finally start to have a life for a change, like have a boyfriend! HaHaHa. While all I was thinking was to enrol in a Postdoctoral programme. Oops!…SORRY!

I have always loved chemistry for one simple reason (it took me a while to fully understand it): chemistry helps me to better know myself. How? Chemistry studies the compounds on this planet and their reactions. Chemistry studies the elements of the Universe and their reactions. Chemistry is present in all the aspects of our life, here on Earth. The more we understand chemical elements and their reactions, the more we know about our own life, our own body and emotions. Emotions have their own chemistry. Plants and animals too. People have their chemistry, both literally and metaphorical.

Our physical body is an association of trillions of cells, with various systems such as the respiratory system, the muscular system, etc., and countless secretion and excretion products. Each cell counts, each chemical element counts. For instance, when the Magnesium (Mg) level is low, we get headaches, muscle cramps, difficulty with concentration and/or other symptoms. When the Calcium (Ca) level is low, we can have serious bone related issues. Each element has its role in the human body and their level – increased or decreased – will always trigger chain reactions that will further impact us positively or negatively.

Dr. Ioana - Adina Oancea

Our energy body is our aura. And this body has its own chemistry too. When we interact with people, we interact with their energy. Each person has their own vibrational field. We vibrate in different ways and sometimes we vibrate together. Why do I say this body also has its chemistry? Because each emotion brings a vibration. That vibration creates a sound that creates energy. The energy flow will furthermore dictate the way our cells will manifest their specialization (e.g.: leucocytes – fight against infections in our body). If we lack energy, our chemical reactions will occur slowly or not occur anymore. This means that our cells are an important source of energy (through mitochondria and other cell organelles we learn about in Biology classes). We need energy and our energy comes from each element the human body is made of. The more our mind opens to self-knowledge, to love and positive intentions and less to self-criticism, the more energy our body will generate and manifest higher vibrations.

How is your energy now, when you read this article? Think about your own chemistry, your body. You are a unique person. Visualize each element of your body, each reaction, each emotion. All this is CHEMISTRY. Then, visualize the space around you, in your town, in your country, in your environment. Notice the chemistry between you and nature, between you and plants, between you and animals, between you and people.

If you will study chemistry this year, kindly remember this. It is such a complex and beautiful subject. Chemistry allows us to study ourselves. Whether or not you end up choosing a career in this field, chemistry is important. Whether we love it or not, it is present in our life as …it is our life. I hope you’ll stay open to self-knowledge and be supported by chemistry teachers who will open the doors to this fabulous science. Chemistry is you.