Ioana-Adina Oancea

Ioana Adina Oancea was born on 20 July 1987, in Constanta, Romania. Since childhood, she has always been passionate about nature and beauty and has easily followed in the footsteps of her mother, Elena Oancea, a chemist and founder of Careless Beauty. She was lucky (as she is saying) to hold a beautiful tradition in her family. For more than 2 decades, her family is the manufacturer of Careless Beauty Romania patented cosmetics.

Ioana Adina Oancea - Cofondator Careless Beauty Romania

Adina is a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy, holds a master’s degree in chemistry from Ovidius University of Constanta and a PhD in chemistry & chemical engineering from Politehnica University of Bucharest. She focused her scientific studies on the therapeutic value of Romanian plants in skincare. Having felt people’s need to return to natural and pure skincare, free of synthetic chemicals,  Adina has been dedicating her work to creating new products packed with plant extracts. She currently runs Careless Beauty Bucharest, a company that sells skincare products and aesthetic services in Bucharest, Romania. Adina is also organizing workshops dedicated to beauty and pure, non-invasive health care rituals.

Mood for Nature is part of her deepest wish to bring people closer to nature and spread awareness about plant healing & special people who bring love and positive change into this world. Mood for Nature is dedicated to Nature and the Human Spirit.